Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Month In, and Not A Recipe In Sight

Well, it has been one month since the official start of this blog.  I've already learned a ton.  I'm not ready to quit, not by any means, but I am willing to change the rules a bit.

The primary thing is that this every day thing is just not going to work for our family.  We live in Europe, for only a few years, and darn it, we are going to travel.  Also, I have four busy girls.  There are days where we barely have time to eat, much less be experimenting with new recipes.  Last month, I accomplished 24 recipes out of 31 days.  (I actually had a few more recipes that I didn't have time to photograph and publish.)  Several of those recipes, like Nachos, Tacos, and "leftovers," were really stretching the definition of recipe a little far.
What is a reasonable amount to publish?  One friend has suggested I do a weekly "best recipe" and that doesn't quite seem like enough.  I'm going to have to think about this one a little longer.

Please let me know what you like, what you don't like, and where you would like to see this little project go.

Thanks for all your support.


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  1. Kate, I'm loving all your recipes and have gotten a few great ideas I think my family will actually try (Hubby has decided he likes rice FINALLY! but he hates beans.) Being gluten free, beans and rice should be cheap staples, so I'm hoping you'll help me out with this :) That being said, I think you should post however often and whatever recipe makes you happy. If it's once a week or every other day, I think we will all be understanding of that. On a personal note, my blog is just starting, and I'm seeing that every other day to every few days works for me. Every day is just too much!
    Good luck!