Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 - The Year of Beans and Rice

Inspired by my love of a Year of Slow Cooking, and my desire to add more beans and rice to my family's diet, I've decided to put myself out here on the internet and see if I am up to the challenge of preparing some variation of beans and rice every day in 2011. I have no idea how this is going to work out for me (us!) ... what happens when we go on vacation, or I get sick, or something else unexpected happens?

With four ridiculously picky daughters, it will be a challenge to maintain my enthusiasm for this experiment. I hope you'll join me as we see what happens.


  1. Apparently, it didn't work out so well ... so much for everyday last weekend! You lose vistors this way ...

  2. Anonymous, I'm sure you are right. I might lose visitors. However, my family is more important to me than this little experiment. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to Rome for the weekend. I was not about to force my family to sit around the hotel kitchen while I blogged when there were important cultural and historical things to see and learn.